si budak & si nobita

ade sorg budak... dy sgt muchuk. tp dy sntiasa pkir diri dy tu baik.. budak baik knon. uweekkk!!! dy L.O.S.E.R... ha3... sbb slalu kalah ngn nobita. yeah!!! nobita mmg H.E.B.A.T. r. wp budak ini loser tp dy CUTE sgt sbb ade tahi lalat bsar. ha3... tp dy x ckup cute cam nobita. si nobita lak sgt syg kt dy. tp dy x cye. bdak2 mmg camtu. ha3... budak baik (kononnye) sgt poyo. dy ske pd vespa. nobita pn ske. nnti leh nek same2. (romantik)... yeah!!
p/s: tah ap yg ak merepek tah. ak x tau nk tulis ap. he3...

happy teachers day...

happy teachers day... i dedicate to all my teacher that teach me from 6years old till now... a big thanks from me coz teach me abcdefg... till i know what is civil engineering stand for... yeah!! hopefully all my teacher are in good health n may ALLAH bless u... ur L.I.F.E. in peace. amin...

"Am I wry?" from MEW band

Farah, now that you're here
Can you tell me
Exactly how I should have done?
Farah drives with her eyes closed
Do you ever
Inflict unwanted memories?
I know you
And I know it won't take you long
To make me smile.
Farah, angelic girl
I'll have you
Know it's you and me potentially.
Farah don't pull the carpet
From under me
Indifference is killing me.
Am I wry?
Oh my! Fallacy!
Fallacy in my words
Am I wry?
I know you
And I know you're not afraid
To say the least
Diamond ring, diamond ring
But you can't find it
Cold is the night
Diamond ring, diamond ring
But you can't find it...

warning: global warming!!!

everybody is talking about "global warming". but what global warming, actually? is it a food that we want to eat or some kind of trend that popular among teenager or something else??? so, global warming can defined as the increase of the average temperature on our earth. as the earth is getting hotter, disasters like hurricane, droughts and floods are getting more frequent.

over the last 100 years, the average temperature of the air near the Earth's surface has risen a little less than 1 degree celcius (it is very danger to Earth). it is responsible for the conspicuous increase in storms, floods and raging forest fires we have seen in the last 10 years.

from the scientist data show that an increase of one degree celcius makes the Earth warmer now than it has been for at least a thousand years. out of the 20 warmest years on record, 19 have occured since 1980. the three hottest years ever observed have all occured in the last ten years, even.

p/s: we should know how danger global warming to us and Earth. so, we must take care of our earth!!!

reunion dak2 hstel smk sg rambai... 6years xjmpe..

Reunion hostel SMK Sg. Rambai, Melaka
date: 17 april 2010
time: 9.30 p.m.
venue: ikan bakar terapung, umbai, melaka
who??: kak beah, kak zidah, kak ummi, kak piqa, kak KC, kak noi, kak nurul, zila, hajar, mas, bella, wan, ayuni, mimah, zura n ++++
mood: happy!! gler. mish them...

pose before balik....

ini k.a.m.i.~ 6taon ak x jmpe dyowg. mish so much!

ni k.a.m.i. after mkn2. mkn sodap!!!

ak bsama zila~my besh fwen ever...

al-kisah ak bsama kwn2 ksygn kt KMPP

ini al-kisah sal mmber2 ak mse kt matrik... (PST). our F1P3 very besh!!! wif all my sister n brother... love u all... thanks a lot to our mentor (pn. zuriana). gurl~ mazza, ain, ijan, faezah, khoo, amni, hajar, ain rahman, wani. boy~iqbal, ilun, baqie, nazrin, daus, azanis, alip, chun yi, hafizi, hafizi kasman...
yeah!! brother2 ak. mish them...
ni boys klas ak. ensem2 adk ak. yeah!! yg cun tgh2 tu k.a.m.i. nye mentor.

ni dak klas ak mse PST (F1P3)~adk2 ak yg chomey2 n cun2

my pic mse kat bandung n jakarta, indonesia. *continue...

ni kt klas dyowg. he3...

he3... skema dowh. i love UTM.


"STAMP"... shopping

duet abesh dah... hu3...

pose jap... pnat shoppng.

ni 1st day kt bandung. shopping tyme. masyuk!!

ni mknn sunda. besh2! mle2 mkn sdap.

ni dh smpai kt airport bandung. blakang tu flight air asia (pengangkutan utama)

ni kawan bek ak... (wanie). izyan ku syg x g.

ni kat changi airport,singapore. before gi sne.

30 student of UTM. (bachelor of civil engneering)

ni mse kat trisakti, jakarta

ni mse kt ITB (institut teknologi bandung)